Agency Worker Regulations

The Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) came into force on 1st October 2011. The regulations originate from the European Temporary Workers Directive.  After an agency worker has completed 12 weeks’ service in the same role, the agency worker will have the right to equal pay and other working conditions to that of the hirer’s (school’s) permanent staff. School House Recruitment Ltd is fully compliant with AWR legislation. Full guidance can be found at: Agency Workers Regulations Guidance.pdf

DBS and the Update Service 

Can we please remind all staff that when completing a new DBS applications to subscribe to the update service.  You now have 19 days from the date of issue to register for this service and the cost is £13 each year. Can we also remind those who have already subscribed that you need to renew this annually. This is an excellent scheme that keeps your DBS valid without having to apply for a new DBS certificate.
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